Relocation Companies in Dubai / Best Relocation Companies in Dubai / Relocation Companies in Dubai : Local & International Relocation Companies in Dubai : Crown Relocations LLC Dubai

Relocation Companies in Dubai : Local & International Relocation Companies in Dubai : Crown Relocations LLC Dubai

Relocation Companies in Dubai : List of Relocation Companies in Dubai UAE : Crown Relocations Dubai : Relocation Services in Dubai UAE.

Crown Relocations Dubai 

Crown Relocations is a global moving company with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, giving you the care and attention needed to make your relocation a success. An international relocation is a team effort. Whether it’s just you, or your whole family, having a professional company onside makes everyone’s move a success. As an international moving company, Crown Relocations has enjoyed a front row seat to the dramatic rise of this fascinating and dynamic country. We’ve helped thousands of families prepare for their international moves and Middle Eastern adventures, and helped them move onto new horizons or home again when the time came.

With new air-conditioned facilities and a wealth of experience you can rest assured of a quality service from a relocation company that knows what it’s like to leave home. As a company of people working all over the world, we are enthusiastic champions of the benefits of relocation. And we know what makes it work. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve learned that the more you know—and the better prepared you are—the more likely it is that you will make your relocation a success.

Crown Relocations LLC Dubai

Crown Relocations Dubai Contact Details
Address : Head Office, Showroom # 9, Ras Al Khor Complex, Nad Al Hammar Road, Nad Al Hammar, DubaiLandmark: Near Belhasa Driving Center
P.O Box : 51773 Dubai UAE
Telephone Number: +971 4 2895152
Fax: +971 4 2896263
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Crown Relocations LLC Dubai Location Map

Crown Relocations Dubai

Dubai Relocation Companies List : List of Relocation Companies in Dubai UAE : Best Relocation Companies in Dubai for Home & Office Relocation

Our advice encompasses the necessary formalities and procedures, but extends to first-hand guidance that will enable you to capture the magic of exploring a new location. And we manage the whole process—helping families to minimize the upheaval, and companies to maintain their policies and achieve the outcomes they require from assignments. Our comprehensive services support relocating individuals, families and employees all over the world.

Our Relocation Services

With facilities in almost 60 countries, our people are available at both ends of your move. We believe that relocating should be a rewarding experience for all concerned. Like any change it can be disruptive but with the right support from an experienced organization, it can also be invigorating and uncover new possibilities.

Nearly nine out of ten residents of Dubai have moved there from another country. That means you will be working not only with local experts but also with people who have gone through the experience of relocating and are able to empathize and provide practical assistance.

Experienced in all aspects of domestic and international relocations, Crown’s staff ensure that the shipment and storage of personal belongings are handled professionally and carefully.

We use the highest quality packing materials to prepare, transport and deliver personal belongings across the street, the country or the world.

Domestic and International Moving Services

Taking care of everything, worldwide – Handling, transporting and storing your personal belongings is something of an art form to us. You’ll find our staff to be courteous, organized and diligent in ensuring the safety of every item they handle.

We own and operate state-of-the-art moving facilities and equipment across the country and the globe, which ensures secure handling of personal belongings. Only the highest quality, environmentally-friendly packing materials are used and every possession is properly protected for its journey.

Shipment of Household Goods – Crown owns and operates over 200 facilities in almost 60 countries, which ensures secure handling of personal belongings around the corner, across the state or around the world. Crown’s “Move Management” system and “One Point of Coordination” structure simplifies the moving process by providing informed and responsive service, from pre-move planning through settling into the new home.

Pet Relocations – As a Crown customer, you can rest assured that your pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate handlers. With a network of pet transfer specialists, Crown attends to all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations, and guides you through these details, so you can feel confident that your pet(s) will enjoy a safe and successful relocation.

Online Tracking Tools – Our unique tracking system is an online, password-protected tracking tool that gives you real-time access to the status of your personal belongings.

Secure Storage

Crown Relocations’ investment in transportation and storage facilities throughout the world provides the best possible protection for your employees’ belongings, wherever they are.

For families that need a place to store their personal belongings at origin or destination, we provide short-term and long-term storage services.

Our crews will pick-up personal belongings, load them into large containers and deliver to one of Crown Relocations’ secure storage facilities. Crown owns and operates over 200 state-of-the-art warehouses across almost 60 countries.

All our facilities are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water and theft. Secure by design, our facilities are climate controlled and gated, they are also backed up with 24hr patrol staff.

Crown Relocations has a range of storage services to meet your needs:

You may need storage for a number of reasons
A limit on the size of your shipment
A need to vacate your home for a period before relocating
Renting accommodation at your new destination before moving into a permanent home
Renting out your home while you are away but you don’t want to leave it furnished
Traveling before you reach your destination.
Whatever the reason, our storage services provide a professional and cost-effective alternative to self storage.

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Relocation Companies in Dubai : Best Relocation Companies in Dubai

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